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New Podcast

A lot of people wonder what it is like to be in debt review. But how can you find out without having to enter the process?

A new podcast is helping consumers share their success stories so that others can learn what it is like to be in debt review.

Demystifying Debt Review

Debt review is a great way to get runaway debt under control. It allows financially stressed consumers to organise (with the help of the court) a more realistic monthly debt repayment plan that allows them to cover their needed monthly running costs first.

‘despite its many obvious benefits many consumers hesitate to enter the process’

But despite its many obvious benefits many consumers hesitate to enter the process because they might have heard some horror stories or maybe simply do not know what it will actually be like to be in debt review.

So how can Debt Counsellors help people learn more about how great debt review actually is?

DebtReviewWithDummies Podcast

Now a small group of self proclaimed “dummies” are sharing how clever people in debt review actually are.

Two of the founders of the podcast are Corrie van de Venter and Zak King (our editor). They are both passionate about how great debt review is and wanted to find a safe way for consumers to find out more about how debt review changes lives.

Zak says: the podcast will share other peoples journeys through debt review. What it was like before they started debt review, how debt review relieved them of their debt stress and how they got through tough times to finally pay off all their debts.

For future generations

Another aim of the podcast is to speak to people who have worked in the debt review industry for a long time.

Corrie says: We don’t want their stories and experience to disappear. We want the podcast to be a way that we, as an industry, can retain lessons learnt in the past.

Where You Can Listen

You can listen to the podcast for free (other than using data) on the website or on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify