DC Partner Registered As A PDA

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DC Partner Now A Registered PDA

paying moneyPayment Distribution Agencies (PDAs) assist consumers to pay the right amounts to the right accounts, at the right time. They allow consumers to make a single payment and then track how that payment is split up according to the Debt Counsellors proposal via court.

Though in the past not included into the National Credit Act, they have found a space in the industry and were included into the amended Act, after many years of practicing under service level agreements with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). The amendments also make allowance for consumers to try make such payments themselves should they feel able to do so however most Debt Counsellors are not allowed to receive direct monthly service fee payments from consumers and this has to be done via a PDA (even if the consumer doesn’t use one for their debt repayment management).

The amended NCA sets a bunch of expensive hoops that anyone wanting to act as a PDA have to jump through. The deadline for registration for the former Service Level PDAs has now arrived and DC Partner have not only applied but have now received their certification (issued for a year at a time) from the NCR.

Congratulations to DC Partner (now registered as NCRPDA2)




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