DCASA – the Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa – have recently called for members to be elected to their National Executive Committee.

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Over the last few weeks nominations have been made. Less than 8 names have been put forward so the results are in. DCASA explain it this way:

In terms of the DCASA constitution, Clause 4(b) of the voting process states the following:

 “If there are less than eight (8) nominations there will be no vote and the persons nominated will be elected to the NEC unopposed”.


In terms of the DCASA Constitution & Voting procedures the following members are therefore elected unopposed to the DCASA NEC.

The members who therefore will be part of the NEC for the next 12 months are:


Cilliers, Eugene;

Davis, Phillipa;

De Broize, Joseph;

Richards, Tony;

Siljeur, Nathanael;

Slot, Paul,

Mauritz van den Heever


In addition to these members each regional office or branch of DCASA will be able to elect one member to represent them at the NEC.

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