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The Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa have recently been holding regional meetings with members and guests. Wonder what these meetings are like?


The majority of Debt Counsellors in South Africa are split between Gauteng and Cape Town. DCASA recently held meetings in both these locations.

Here is a video from the Gauteng meeting to give you a feel for the set up and some of the types of questions that members get to pose to one another and the discussions that go on at the meetings:


W Cape

At the Western Cape meeting there was considerable dicussion about how not everyone can be a DCASA member and how DCASA has an internal complaints process should any clients have an issue with their Debt Counsellor.

The DCASA President (Reinhard Pettenburger) spoke to members about how DCASA continue to grow the brand and its importance to consumers.

There was also an amusing moment mid meeting when a door fell off the tracks at the entrance to the room and gave a few people a fright (but not local NEC rep Nadia De Weerdt).

This enabled members to spend the rest of the meeting talking about how debt counselling opens new doors of opportunity and removes barriers to entry etc.

Sponsors and supporters such as ONE (who provide the venue for the Gauteng Meetings) and DCCP and DC Partner PDA (who both helped cover costs associated with the W Cape Meeting) were also on hand to discuss insurance and distribution matters with those who attended.