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Industry News

Regional branches of the Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa met this month. Here are some of the highlights.

Across the country Debt Counsellors who belong to the Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa (DCASA) were meeting to discuss regional and industry specific challenges.

The meetings were held at various venues (like the one kindly provided by ONE in Gauteng) and members and others attended. There were a number of first time visitors (Debt Counsellors) who came along to consider joining the association and find out more about what is happening across the industry right now.

In some areas, topics covered were things like specific courts or specific credit providers where there are complications at present.

Other regions took a deep dive into how to handle a consumer complaint (to the NCR). In the example used, a consumer who had applied for debt review later told the NCR (and others) that they had only asked for some information about debt review and had not committed to debt review. They later said they had tried to cancel almost immediately.

‘it is vital to have good record-keeping’

In such cases, it is clear that it is vital to have good record-keeping and to anticipate possible challenges that may come up. Sharing lots of simple and easy to understand information with clients is very important so that if they later come back and say they were not informed this can be disproved. 

In the example shared, the Debt Counsellor had numerous emails, messages, recordings, signed documents and more enabling them to show the NCR that the consumers had ample time to consider the process, and had made an educated decision to start the process.

The main idea is to inform clients so that they can make good choices in handling their finances and in cooperating with the debt review.


Other Hot Topics

Discussions regarding the recent NCT ruling (which stated that a consumer who had missed payments and refused to send updated information needed for court documents) were also held. 

Members were confused with the outcome of the matter and asked if the ruling would be appealed. It was confirmed that the Debt Counsellor involved is doing so.

DCASA plan to begin training courses both for those contemplating being a Debt Counsellor and for those who recently completed the NCA course (which is needed before you can apply to the NCR to be registered as a Debt Counsellor).


After the meetings Debt Counsellors got a chance to network and share advice, contact info and tips to one another in how to deal with issues or different credit providers.

There was also a chance to have a snack.

Those who attended said they enjoyed the chance to get an update and get tips in regard to various issues. 

Most Debt Counsellors reported being rather busy over the last few months with application numbers higher than at the start of the year. Most are now preparing for the quiet end of year period.

Thanks for the snacks ONE!