Dealing With Collections Calls When Under Debt Review

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Dealing with Those Pesky Collections Calls

When a consumer first enters debt review they have normally been through a period of great hardship and stress. Not only could they not pay for all their debts in the correct amounts each month but they probably were receiving dozens of collections calls all the time.

It is very stressful and the prospect of entering debt review and making a more reasonable repayment plan for all your debts is one of the big selling points of the process. It also promises an end to all the stress that comes from the collections process.

The collections processes from credit providers have been refined over the years to psychologically pressure consumers into prioritising one debt repayment over another. Debt review treats all credit providers fairly, ensuring everyone gets something each month.

Especially when consumers first enter debt review and are unsure about the process they should be aware that credit providers outsourced collections agents may not yet know about the debt review. Or they may see the debt review status but not yet see any payments because in month 1 and 2 payments go to the Debt Counsellor and Attorneys. This can lead to the collections agents saying things that freak consumers out.

Often claims are made that no payments are being made or that the credit provider has not received any payments (in month one and two this is common and not incorrect). Even though this may be true consumers need to remember that they are paying their professional fees and that this is how everyone’s debt review works. This is correct and they should not panic and think the debt review is not working.


How To Deal With Collections Agents

If you are in debt review then you have begun a legal process. Think about court dramas on TV. Should you talk to the other party without your lawyer present? No. The legal process is how the situation will be sorted out. So, do not make arrangements outside of the legal court case that is going on.

Also, you do not have to deal with collections agents when they can contact your attorneys. Provide them with the number if needs be.

‘Should you talk to the other party without your lawyer present? No’

Are They Recording You?

Alternatively, you do not have to deal with anyone who wishes to record your voice without your permission. Ask if the call is recorded and end it if it is or simply instruct the other party to end the call. You may have to insist but you do not have to explain. You only need to insist on your rights not to be recorded without your permission.

‘Make a record of who said they called and when. Inform your Debt Counsellor by email or phone but do not panic.’

The Calls Will Stop

There is no need to be abusive to collections agents when they call and there is no need to panic just because you do get a call from time to time. Sometimes it just takes a little while for the credit providers to catch up with what is going on. They are huge firms with many different departments and lots of outsourced services. Like a large ship at sea, they take time to slow down and change direction.

So, if you receive a collections call, offer to help them get in touch with the right people at either your Debt Counsellors office or attorneys and swiftly end the call.


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