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Imagine attaining an almost perfect success rate in collections, guaranteeing secure and authorized debit orders each time.

With iPDA, this is not just a dream—it’s a reality. Our Debicheck collections boast a remarkable 97% success rate, setting us apart as leaders in the industry and providing peace of mind to Debt Counsellors and their clients.

At iPDA, we understand the critical importance of reliable collections within the debt review process.

Collection Success:

    • Debicheck Collections: 97%
    • Debit-EFT Collections: 79%

By choosing iPDA, you align with a partner dedicated to precision, reliability, and exceptional results.

Experience the confidence and ease that comes with knowing your collections are managed by the best in the industry.

Take Action Today! Partner with iPDA and secure your place at the forefront of debt review solutions.

Contact us now to learn more and start benefiting from our exceptional success rates. Experience the iPDA difference