Debt Counsellor Profile: Chris Craven of Zero Debt

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Debt Counsellor Profile: Chris Craven (Zero Debt)

Debtfree Magazine got to speak to experienced Debt Counsellor, Chris Craven about his practice and how he helps consumers in debt trouble. We asked him a few questions about his background and how he runs his business.

What did you do before becoming a DC?

I had various business interests in the financial sector and became interested in debt counselling in 2009.

How long have has Zero Debt been operating?

As a company, Zero Debt began offering debt review services back in 2009.

Why did you get involved in the industry?

As a team, we identified the needs of people who were over-indebted – essentially the need to protect their assets and have their instalments and interest rates reduced to an amount that was within their means. The debt review process meets this need for our clients and inevitably helps to solve their financial dilemma. The debt review process was back then and still is, the most effective way to reduce instalments and interest rates while retaining assets.


 ‘My advice is:  to trust in the process’


What area (of SA) do you practice in?

Zero Debt offers debt review services throughout South Africa.

Where do you find new business?

We market nationally in the media and online and generate a lot of business through referrals.

What makes your business a success?

Our service solves a problem. We focus on reducing interest rates by getting acceptances from creditors – an agreement our clients would not be able to attain, without our involvement. We also pride ourselves in retaining the best staff in the industry, who administer the entire process.

Do you think the proposed NCA amendments bill address all the current needs of the industry?

The proposed NCA amendments bill is aimed to assist extreme low-income consumers.  Currently, us Debt Counsellors cannot effectively assist these members as proposals for repayment will not solve in terms of industry agreements with Credit Providers.

What is the biggest challenge facing your consumers at the moment?

Inflation, along with the rising cost of living. This makes it difficult for consumers as they have to constantly adjust their budget throughout the process.

What advice do you have for consumers under debt review?

My advice is to trust in the process, and stay with us until your debt is fully paid and you receive a clearance certificate.


If you would like to talk to Chris about debt review or about his business then feel free to make contact here:


Tel:  086 111 3749





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