sinking into debt

Debt Counsellors on Holiday

Debt Counsellors Holiday


Things remain quiet in the Debt Counselling world this week as many Debt Counsellors offices are still closed till Monday next week. For emergencies many Debt Counsellors have provided numbers or email addresses to their clients. The various forums for the different Debt Counsellor associations have been very very quiet with little to no activity as Debt Counsellors countrywide take a chance to recuperate.

sinking into debt








Debt Counselling is considered a high stress job as Debt Counsellors have to find a balance of interests between Creditors – who sometimes act aggressively toward consumers and Debt Counsellors in their efforts to collect through alternative means while the debt review process is already underway – and consumers – who often think that the Debt Counsellor represents them alone or only their interests in the debt review. Dealing with consumers who relate their problems (which have resulted in or resulted from the money woes) can be a tough thing to do day in and day out. It is wise for Debt Counsellors and their staff to take a break every now and then to put things into perspective just as in any counselling service.


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