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NCR Circular Regarding RSVPs for Workshops

Throughout the year the National Credit Regulator (NCR) hold workshops across the country in different regions in an effort to train and keep in touch with Debt Counsellors. The workshops feature information the NCR wish to share with Debt Counsellors (and sometimes credit providers are invited to attend as well). Before the workshop is held in any ware the NCR send out invitations to all the Debt Counsellors in that area. The Debt Counsellors are then asked to RSVP before hand and book a seat. This is often done in advance of the NCR knowing what the venue will be. It seems that in many cases the venue is only booked once the NCR has an idea of who will be attending. That way they don’t pay for a massive venue and only have a few people show up of visa versa.

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Recently the NCR have been not having good cooperation in regard to people RSVPing. It seems Debt Counsellor sand their staff have just been showing up at the venue without letting the NCR know they were coming. This means that venues are nto able to cater to all the guests. This seems to have happened a number of times now and the NCR are bringing down the hammer on last minute gate crashers. According to the latest NCR circular anyone who fails to RSVP in writing will not be allowed access and access is only for the Debt Counsellor and one staff member (not more). Late RSVPs are also out!


DownloadDownload the circular here: NCR Circ 10-Jun2015


NCR Circ 10-Jun2015


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