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Debt Review Awards Tomorrow

The Annual Debt Review Awards peer review process closed in August and the results of the reviews will be announced tomorrow during the YouTube Live stream (and on social media and the website etc).

Be sure to log in to YouTube and hear all the speakers, presentations and find out the results. Already the Top 50 Debt Counsellors in South Africa have been announced and they are all in the running to take home a Golden Piggy Bank this year.


Pre Show (Testing and Criteria Chats)


Presentations, interviews & Red Carpet Pics



Join the entertainment, speeches and Awards announcements.

Be sure you check out the YouTube Channel in advance so long as your work computer may not allow you to watch YouTube and you may need IT help or to watch on a different device.

Instagram Competitions

Visit @debtreviewawards on Instagram to enter the dress up competitions where photos of you all dolled up for the Awards show tomorrow could net you R500 (be sure to check Instagram for all the details and T&Cs)


[Debtfree Team] We are proud to be part of the process again this year and hope you will all be able to join us online. Stay safe and see you tomorrow.