Debt Review Awards 2016

Annual Debt Review Awards

Venue twitterThe annual Debt Review Award gala happened this month in a surprisingly pleasant mid winter Cape Town, at the River Club. Guest from around the country attended to find out the results of an industry wide peer review into how well Debt Counsellors, Credit Providers and PDAs are doing. The results have been long anticipated and many golden piggys found themselves new homes as the winners were announced.



HyphenBig winners on the night included Standard Bank, Consumer Friend, the IDM Group and Hyphen PDA. On the evening awards were handed out to not only individuals who are working hard to make the industry succeed but also those credit providers, PDAs and Debt Counsellors who are at the top of their game. Awards were handed out in different size and type categories to keep things fair and insure that firms were compared only with their direct counter parts in the industry.



DC 2 & 3 IDM

A number of presentations and speeches were made by individuals from the industry including the NCR and NCT. We will break the awards down into several articles so that you can enjoy all the action even if you were unable to attend and get a feel for not only what happened but how the guests felt about the winners.



Argh! Just Tell Me who Won!

If you can’t wait to know who all the winners were you can head over to or check our twitter feed.

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