Debt Review Awards 2018 – The Good Stuff

Debt Review Awards 2018 – Fun & Excitement

The Debt Review Awards Gala was held on the 2nd of June 2018 and was the scene of much excitement and laughter. Though the evening in a serious affair with various presentations and speeches by industry experts, there was also time to celebrate consumers getting out of debt and have a few laughs.

The evening began with a welcome from the host for the evening, funny man Mr Rob Van Vuuren. Rob is a well-known actor, comedian and entertainer (not a motivational speaker…perhaps a demotivational speaker).

Rob had the audience in stitches for most of the evening with a mix of humour and self deprecation. Rob also took the time throughout the evening to take selfies with the many guests including the consumers who had come to the event to receive their clearance certificates and other “fans”.

Besides the humour and having a few laughs there were even some tears as there was also the chance to see how Debt Review has helped consumers get out of debt.

The audience enjoyed and sympathised with the journey of Faith, a client of Sandton Debt Counsellors. Sandton Debt Counsellors explained how after the loss of the family breadwinner Faith and her child faced tough times. Even though during the debt review process she had missed a payment her credit providers made allowances and kept her in the process despite the slip up and she was able to finish strong within 60 odd months.

Another surprise was the Joe Van Zyl Nagging Award which was handed out for the first time in a surprise move by the organisers. This handcrafted Award was lovingly and painstakingly created over minutes backstage using only the finest materials. Congratulations to Mr. Van Zyl who has been complaining he has not yet won an award for several years.

Guests enjoyed the food and refreshments and the chance to mingle and meet many people who they have only ever dealt with via email or on the phone. The event was a great networking opportunity and chance to catch up with friends and colleagues (and take dignified Selfies).

The guests also had the opportunity to hear about all the exciting projects which the community have been involved with on the charity side of the industry, with a presentation from Debt COunselling Community Support (DCCS). DCCS is a charity like organisation which helps vulnerable debt review consumers stay in the process when tough times strike. With the help of funding from various credit providers, attorneys, Debt Counsellors, PDAs and others they have been able to send kids to school with clothes and needed books, feed and cloth families, assist with emergency repairs, medication and more. At present they are helping knit and crochet blankets. If you want to know more head over to

Although there were many serious thoughts considered and of course the tension surrounding who would win the various Awards, the Gala evening managed to both entertain and inform and remind the guests that the industry is about more than who is the best or highest rated companies. It is about people helping thousands of good people to get out of debt and about enjoying life along the way.



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