Debt Review Awards Credit Provider Winners

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Debt Review Awards Credit Provider Winners

There are currently over 7000 Credit Providers registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Over the last 12 months, Debt Counsellors had the opportunity to conduct a peer review of those companies they regularly work with and know while assisting consumers with their debt review.

The credit providers who received the highest ratings were separated into several categories such as Short term finance, vehicle finance, retail finance, Banks and Large Non-Bank Credit Providers. Debt Counsellors then got to take a very close look at the various aspects of the debt review process that these credit providers are involved in and were able to rate and review each aspect.

At the Annual Debt Review Awards Gala the top-rated credit providers were revealed and the top-rated firms announced.

This Little Piggy Goes to…

The Golden Piggy Bank awards were handed to the top-rated firms by Debt Review Awards external auditor Mr Barry Fuchs (of BKF). Internationally the piggy bank is a well known symbol of saving and being money conscious. It well represents the ideal of helping consumers get out of debt and strive for financial freedom through the debt review process.

In the Category SHORT TERM FINANCE, the Nominees were

  • Atlas Finance
  • Bruma Finance (HTN Attorneys)
  • FinBond Micro Finance
  • FinChoice
  • Get Bucks

The Award went to FinChoice.

In the Category of RETAIL FINANCE, the Nominees were:

  • Consumer Friend on behalf of their Clients
  • DMC Debt Management on behalf of their clients
  • Lewis Stores
  • Rainbow Finance
  • Tenacity on behalf of their clients

The Award went to Consumer Friend.

In the Category LARGE NON-BANK CREDIT PROVIDER the Nominees were:

  • Bayport Financial Services
  • Iemas
  • Old Mutual Finance

The Award went to Old Mutual Finance.

In the Category of VEHICLE FINANCE the Nominees were:

  • Investec Vehicle Finance
  • MFC a division of Nedbank
  • Standard Bank
  • VW Financial Services
  • Wesbank a division of Firstrand Bank

The Award went to MFC.


In the Category of BANKS (UNSECURED CREDIT) the Award went to African Bank. African Bank also swept up a certificate for the most improved credit provider debt review department over the last 12 months.

In the Category of BANKS (SECURED CREDIT) the Award went to Nedbank.

Congratulations to all these top rated credit providers. These firms are leading the way in terms of trying to engage regularly with Debt Counsellors and help their consumers through the debt review process.