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Debt Review Awards Criteria Chat

Each year, credit providers and Debt Counsellors who are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and who are active in the debt review industry are invited to review their peers at the 4 NCR registered PDAs (Namely CollectNet PDA, DC Partner PDA, Hyphen PDA, iPDA). PDAs receive funds from consumers and distribute those funds to all the right accounts, in the right amount each month on behalf of consumers. They form a vital part of the debt review process and help offer consumers peace of mind that their funds are being safely handled.

In the reviews, certain criteria are used to help to identify who among the PDAs is excelling in payment distribution and customer support. These criteria are closely considered by those participating in the reviews.

Payment Distribution Chat

This online chat between well-known industry figures (Debt Counsellor Rheinhart Pettenberger of Debt Therapy, Andie Du Bruyn of Capitec Bank and Jaco Van Der Merwe of ABSA) covers some of the factors involved when considering PDAs from both a Debt Counsellor and Credit Provider’s perspective. The Criteria Chat also delves into the current Covid-19 pandemic and how this influences things going forward.

This is one in a series of Criteria Chats that have been held this year and we hope to share a few more of them as the event draws closer. Be sure to join all the action on September 11th 2020 as the entire event will be streamed online.