Debt Review Awards Gala – DC Awards

Debt Review Awards – The Debt Counsellors Awards

DC 1 AlanThe final 3 awards of the evening were those for Debt Counselling firms. The awards are split into the size categories. First up was the smaller Boutique Debt Counselling firms award. Traditionally these firms are run by a single debt Counsellor with a smaller staff compliment who knows every client by name. This year the award went to Cape Town Debt Counsellor Alan Manshon. He is well known for engaging with credit providers and assisting other Debt Counsellors with advice about reckless credit and more. the DC Category awards presenters Ms Denise Hartley (of Nedbank) and Athaly Khan (of FNB) were on hand to take this group photo with Alan.

DC Large AwardThe next award was for Large Debt Counselling firms with either several Debt Counsellors or larger staff numbers and more clients. Over the last few years Consumer Debt Help (a Cape Town based debt counselling firms which focuses on lower income consumers) has taken the top honors. This year was no exception as they were revealed to have been the highest rated firm in the peer review in this category in 2016.



DC2The final award of the evening before the end of the second session was in regard to the largest national debt counselling firms. These giant firms operate all over the country and employ several debt counsellors and have large offices with plenty of staff. They are perhaps the most regulated and most monitored as they deal with so many consumers every month. The winners this year were well known debt counselling firm (and former winners in 2014) DebtBusters.



Presenter Seb 2

The evening ended just after 9pm with a few words from the MC before guests were invited to collect goody bags and enjoy some coffee and cake.

Guests were once again able to mingle and spend time chatting with the sponsors and enjoyed scratching through their gift bags for all the kind gifts from the various sponsors.



Thank you to all the presenters, organising team and volunteers, as well as, the generous sponsors for their help in making the awards possible this year.

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