Debt Review Awards Gala Session One

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Debt Review Awards Gala (Session 1)

DRA2016 final agendaRow of PiggysAfter all the guests had arrived down the red carpet and mingled with the sponsors the evening was ready to begin. Some allowances had to be made for the rugby and local sunset. The guests moved from the waiting area to the auditorium for the start of the event.


The Gala Begins

Presenter SebMr Sebastien Alexanderson, Debt Counsellor and all round funny guy, was the host for the evening and opened the Debt Review Awards Gala with words about how the Awards process had grown over the years and now commanded the industry’s participation. He then introduced the first Non Speaker of the night Mr Steve Barnett the Silent Conductor.



Silent end

The Silent Conductor is known for his unusual way of getting the audience to participate and cooperate together in producing interesting sound effects and music.

There were some outstanding performances by certain members of the audience.



NCR Kedi SpeechNext Mz Kedilatile Lagodi of the NCR Debt Review Department spoke about the incredible system we have (debt review) and how the numbers tell the story that despite challenges the industry is helping a lot of people every month to deal with debt and repay their creditors responsibly.



NCT AJS with feeling

Next the National Consumer Tribunal’s Advocate John Simpson spoke enthusiastically about the progress the NCT has been making in dealing with the backlog of cases they have received and the benefits of the SA debt review process and how people from other countries have learned from the progress made here.



Consumers Receive Clearance Certificates

PS clearance 2Only 2% of consumers have no debt and the evening of the gala was a highlight for 3 couples who received their clearance certificates on the night. They were assisted to go from debt to debt free by Debt Counselling firms Debt Rescue and Octogen. These certificates mean that the consumer is totally debt free. A rare and wonderful situation to be in. Well done to them.

Neil DR Clearance 2 Neil DR Clearance 3





Significant Contribution to Debt Review

ONE SURE SignificantThe first of the Awards handed out on the evening focused in on the individual efforts of people in the industry and revealed who the industry wide peer review had identified as hard working individuals who were making an significant contribution to the industry and process. Mz Sam Haasbrooke of ONE|SURE the sponsors of the 2 awards handed out the awards and announced the generous prize money from co sponsors Mutual & Federal. The Awards went to Mr. Chris Van Der Straaten and Mr. Rob Easton-Berry who are both well known, hard working figures in the debt review community.





End of Session One

audienceThe guests then had the opportunity to enjoy some light refreshments during an intermission.

NEXT: Session Two and the Awards

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