Debt Review Awards PDA Awards

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Debt Review Awards – Payment Distribution

Each year during the Debt Review Awards peer review two different sides of the industry get to review the Payment Distribution Agencies (PDAs). On the one hand credit providers who work daily with the PDAs (in receiving payments)  and on the other hand the Debt Counsellors who make use of their software and work with them to organise and track consumer payments.

While all credit providers interact regularly with all 4 NCR registered PDAs Debt Counsellors traditionally only use the services of one or perhaps two PDAs at a time. Debt Counsellors, in particular, were able to weigh in on the performance of only those PDAs that they regularly use. This avoids anyone rating the performance of a firm with whom they are not actively working and have little or no experience with. Results among Debt Counsellors are compared to one another on a percentage basis.

In a repeat of the 2018 results, Hyphen PDA took home the Awards from both sides of the industry. They were the highest rated among their peers again this year.