Debt Review Awards Peer Review (ATT: DCs)

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Debt Counsellors Review Credit Providers In Final Stage of Peer Review

The 2018 Debt Review Awards Peer Review has been on the go for some time with hundreds of Debt Counsellors invited to participate. Each year, members of the industry get to review the recent performance of their counterparts on the other side of the industry. Debt Counsellors get to review Credit Provider and Credit Providers get to review Debt Counsellors.

‘Previously only a single representative of each firm was able to participate’

This year the opportunity to participate in the peer review has been opened to all NCR registered Debt Counsellors regardless of whether they work at the same company or not. This was in response to a post peer review survey conducted after the 2017 Debt Review Awards process. Previously, only a single representative of each firm was able to participate. However, since many Debt Counsellors work for large firms this meant that some Debt Counsellors never got to have their say. This has now been adjusted this year along with some other minor refinements based on feedback after the 2017 process.


Are You an NCR Registered Debt Counsellor?

If you are a NCR registered Debt Counsellor and want to participate in the final round of the peer review of credit providers which closes next week then you can link to the survey here:




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