Debt Review Awards Peer Review Underway

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Debt Review Awards – Peer Review

Draft number 3 logo blue smallThe annual Debt Review Awards are currently underway with members of the debt review industry using an online peer review system to comment on how their counterparts in the industry are doing.

The Debt Review Awards recognise hard work and excellence in the field of debt review on a individual as well as company level. The peer review process which recently began compiles input from across the industry on various portions of the industry. During this week Credit Providers as well as Debt Counsellors are getting the opportunity to help evaluate how the various Payment Distribution Agencies (PDAs) have been doing over the last year.


PDAs have been operating under Service Level Agreements with the NCR for a number of years but recently found their official home in the National Credit Act when the Act was amended. This means that PDAs are now part of South African Law and have firm registration conditions etc. PDAs assist consumers manage payments of their debt according to the Debt Counsellors often complicated repayment plan. They also provide services to the Debt Counsellors themselves, for example in the form of software to help calculate repayment proposals or integration with the credit provider guideline software DCRS (the way the banks prefer to resolve debt review applications if possible).

PDAs Evaluated and Recognised

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The Debt Review Awards recognises the various facets of the PDA industry in 4 categories (Payment Distribution, Customer Service, Software integration, Industry Support). The winners in each category are announced at the upcoming Debt Review Awards Gala, held in Cape Town this year, on the 25th of June 2016.


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Be Part Of The Process

Signing up to participate is easy (for NCR Registered Entities and individuals only). It is simply a case of going HERE for Debt Counsellors and HERE for Credit Providers and clicking a few buttons. Links to the PDA peer review will then be sent to you.



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