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Debt Review Awards 2023

The Annual Debt Review Awards Gala will be held on October 20th 2023.

Save The Date

Each year NCR registrants working in the debt counselling industry complete peer reviews about how others they regularly work with are performing.

After many months, these peer reviews are compiled and the results are announced at a live streamed Gala event.

‘the Gala will be held in person in Gauteng on the 20th of October’

People from across the industry are invited to attend in person at the black tie gala event. During the event there are presentations, speeches and Golden Piggy Bank awards are handed to those who receive the top ratings in various categories.

This year the Gala will be held in person in Gauteng on the 20th of October.

Please save the date even if you might not be able to get there in person (seats are limited and only around 200 people can attend in person, by invite).

But there is no reason to miss out as the event will be live streamed via platforms like YouTube.

Watch Online

The Awards Gala will be held in the afternoon on a Friday.

Many of the debt review departments across the industry will take the afternoon off and will tune in to watch online as a group.

Why not plan now for your staff to enjoy the event? Chat to your IT guys about how you can stream it and project it onto a screen at the office.

For technical assistance:

The live stream ends around 4pm so your staff have time to pack up and head off home. 

You can subscribe to the YouTube Channel so long for notifications and previews.

Alternatively, you can visit the website for more information (and to click the link to watch on the day).