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Debt Review Awards Show Speakers

This year the Debt Review Awards will share many different clips, presentations, announcements and speeches from different Debt Counsellors, Attorneys as well as heads of Debt Review departments at credit providers and senior staff at the various PDAs.

Among the keynote speakers for the day will be the NCR’s Head of Debt Counselling, Kedilatile Legodi and Head of DebtBusters, Benay Sager representing the National Debt Counsellors Association.

Ms Legodi will update the audience on recent activity at the NCR and Credit Industry Forum while Mr Sager will present a ‘State of the Industry‘ address with some insights into recent trends in the industry.

To watch the Live stream of the event and catch all the other presentations, interviews, comments and announcements by familiar industry faces visit the YouTube channel (see below) on Friday, 10 September 2021, between 11am and 4pm.

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