Debt Review Awards Thank Contributors

Debt Review Awards Thank Those Who Helped With Refinements

The Debt Review Awards is an industry Awards program which recognises hard work and excellence in the field of debt review. The Awards gala, where the top performing Debt Counsellors and Credit Provider Debt Review departments are announced, will happen this coming weekend (2nd June). Debtfree Magazine will cover the event and you can keep pace with the results and pictures from the event on our Facebook and Twitter feed as well as in next month’s magazine.

Any sort of Awards process where some parties ‘win’ and others ‘lose’ has the potential to face criticism. A process where one part of an industry evaluates the other also has the potential, if done wrong, to cause conflict. Fortunately, the debt review industry has grown and matured over the years and this has contributed to the success of the Debt Review Awards Peer Review Process.


Many Refinements

Over the 5 years the Awards process has been around, there have been some pretty big changes. Where, at first, a group of very respected industry experts were invited by the organisers to evaluate and vote on those firms in the industry who were performing well, This later shifted to an online peer review process. This was, in part, due to great suggestions from Debt Counsellors from various Debt Counsellor associations.


Many individuals have gone to great effort and expense to help the organisers refine the process as is highlighted on the website. You can visit the site to learn more about criteria and candidates, as well as, the process.

‘The Debt Review Awards website mentions the example of Mr Neil Roets, a Debt Counsellor from Debt Rescue.’

The organisers say they want to extend a big thank you to those individuals who gave of their time and effort to help improve the process. The Debt Review Awards website mentions the example of Mr Neil Roets, a Debt Counsellor from Debt Rescue. Mr Roets company has been a recipient of Awards as has he himself personally. The organisers say that Mr Roets has had many fine suggestions which he was able to share when visiting the team in person to share advice. For example, in the past, there were a large number of Awards focused on the all-important aspect of payment distribution and only a few focused on Debt Counsellors. Following consultation with Mr Roets and many other Debt Counsellors as well as via a public poll on the Awards website the recommendation was made to shift this around and have more Debt Counsellor categories. This year an additional 2 categories were introduced to help identify those practices who are growing and expanding.


For more information about Debt Rescue, you can visit or or


Many Contributors Over The Years

Suggestions in the past from DCASA members helped to create the peer review process rather than the panel system. Suggestions from PDASA members helped refine the criteria considered in regard to all categories. Members of the Alliance of Professional Debt Counsellors (AllProDC) helped encourage greater clarity on criteria and the process. BASA members and representatives have engaged and made great suggestions which have been implemented.

In the past, Debtfree Magazine and the Debt Review Awards ran totally separate events which overlapped in time – one for the public and the other for the industry. This confused a lot of people and at suggestions from various industry parties, the events were separated entirely. This helped clarify who was weighing in on what. The organisers say that they “hope to get more suggestions in the post Awards surveys again“…”Over the years, we have had input from so many Debt Counsellors and credit providers big and small. We want to thank them for their help“.

Founder Zak King (also one of the Debtfree team) says: “We are proud of how far we have come in improving the process this far and really want to thank those who took the time to not only participate but also help with suggestions. Keep them coming”.

If you would like to follow all the action this weekend you can follow Debtfree Magazine’s social media feeds and you will be able to read all about the highlights during next week as we review the outcomes here on the site.

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