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Debt Review Awards – All The Top Debt Counsellors

Each year through an industry peer review the Debt Review Awards identifies 50 Debt Counsellor winners. These 5 groups of Top 10 Debt Counsellors have been identified by the industry as standing out over the past 12 months among their 1600 fellow Debt Counsellors.

On the night of the Debt Review Awards Gala evening additional information about these Top 10 Debt Counsellors is provided such as who the highest rated Debt Counsellor in each size category was.

Here are the 5 Debt Counselling practices that were highest rated out of the Top 50 in their different size practice categories:

Boutique Debt Counselling Practice

Arno Lubbe


Small Debt Counselling Practice

Andre Carelse of AC Debt Counsellors


Medium Debt Counselling Practice

Eugene Cillier of Payplan Solutions


Large Debt Counselling Practice

Debt Therapy


National Debt Counselling Practice


For more information about the Top 5 in each category head over to the official Debt Review Awards website:

These firms all received Golden Piggy Banks on the night. In addition, all Top 50 Debt Counselling firms receive special online media celebrating their ratings that they can use on their websites and in their marketing to share with potential clients.