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Debt Review Awards

The annual Debt Review Awards peer reviews [have now] come to a close*, and the Award announcements will be made on September 11th 2020.

Peer Review

The industry peer reviews are coming to a close this month*. Some NCR registered companies and individuals may have missed out during the year so, an effort is being made to reach out to such ones (for example, some people’s contact email address may be incorrect on the NCR database). If you are registered with the NCR and have not yet had a chance to participate then please email: and we will ensure you get to participate* [or get to attend the show].


During the entire process, an audit team keeps an eye on things to ensure that only NCR registered individuals and companies participate and stick to the terms and conditions of the process. They monitor for any irregularities and ultimately audit the compiled results once they are available at the end of August. Once the results have been audited, they will be announced at the Annual Debt Review Awards show.

The Online Show

If you would like to watch the Annual Debt Review Awards show, you can do so on various online platforms including Youtube.  You can sign up to follow the channel here:


The Debt Review Awards Show will be held during the afternoon of Friday, 11 September.

If you would like to hear from some industry speakers, international guests, enjoy some laughs and entertainment, then be sure to tune in from 3pm on Friday. The announcements of the peer review results will be made before the end of the workday. So, why not invite your entire office to join in this year, and be part of the action?

‘why not invite your entire office to join in this year, and be part of the action?’

We encourage you to submit pictures of yourself (all dressed up, or not), to be featured on-screen during the show (and maybe win some prizes).  You can also follow our Instagram or Facebook page for exciting content.

The full day’s agenda will be posted on soon and shared with media (such as on the Debtfree Magazine website).



This article first appeared in Debtfree magazine Issue #8 of 2020







*submissions closed end of August 2020