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Debt Review Awards Gala 2018

The 2018 Annual Debt Review Awards Gala was held on Saturday 2nd June at the River Club in Cape Town. The Awards recognises excellence in the field of debt review. Guests arrived from across the country to enjoy the industry’s one fancy evening.

Guests were dressed to the nines as they walked the red carpet and enjoyed the opportunity to meet many familiar names and mingle with their colleagues.

Time to walk the red carpet

The atmosphere was happy and relaxed as guests enjoyed snacks before the Gala opened at 6pm.  The host for the evening was Mr. Rob Van Vuuren.

Rob entertained the crowd and spent most of the evening complaining that he found almost all the speeches “technical” or “boring” and sad that did not qualify for debt review.  His tongue in cheek, physical comedy style had the audience in stitches for the entire evening.



the DTI Supports the Debt Review Awards” – Mr.Raymond Gundula, DTI

There were a number of “technical” and very informative speeches by the DTI, as well as, Credit Providers, Payment Distribution Agents and Debt Counsellors. New positive industry developments were focused on like the new DC fee structure and governments intent to try to assist those with lower income and heavy unsecured debt.

Guests were encouraged to keep on helping people to help themselves to get out of debt.


There were presentations, slideshows, videos and speeches, as well as, the opportunity to see consumers who have worked hard and stayed in the debt review process right to the end receive their clearance certificates.  Getting out of debt has really changed consumers lives and the debt review process has helped them learn to handle credit better in the future.

Well done on being debt free!


Sponsors generously helped cover the costs of the venue and delicious food as well as the software used during the industry peer review process.

The peer review process allows NCR registered peers from opposite sides of the industry review one another. Debt Counsellors reviewed Credit providers and visa versa. both got a chance to review the Payment Distribution Agencies.

Suggestions after last year’s Awards process were adopted and made way for more Debt Counsellor Awards in 2018, while fewer Payment Distribution Agency awards were presented.


Debt Review Awards 2018 Winners


Congratulations to all the Top 5 Nominees for all their hard work and to the evening’s big winners. You can find out more information about all the winners in our Debt Review Awards series of Articles this week and on the website right now.

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