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PDA’s and Banking Details

Payment Distribution Agents (PDAs) handle the money side of debt review. They were introduced into the industry and then the National Credit Act to help keep consumers’ money safe. They are also there to help protect Debt Counsellors from any charges of taking consumers’ money. Since the Debt Counsellor never actually touches the consumers’ money and since the PDAs are rigorously audited by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) consumers can have confidence in the process.

At present there are 4 NCR registered (and audited) Payment Distribution Agents:

CollectNet PDA

DC Partner PDA

Hyphen PDA



“The PDA’s Banking Details Have Changed”

If someone calls you and tells you that your debt review repayment amount has been reduced and that the PDA have changed their banking details this is a scam.

None of the PDAS have changed banking details and because of the danger of scams, none of them will. If someone is telling you that the bank details have changed then it is a scam designed to get you to pay money into someone less bank account so that they can take the money and run away.