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Debtfree Magazine- Editor’s Note (Dec 2017)

Debtfree Magazine: Editor’s Note

Picture the scene; you are standing in your friend’s kitchen as they cook some food. You are enjoying a pleasant evening together when they start to tell you about how business is tough and their debts are mounting. They feel stressed because their clients don’t have money to spend and are buying less placing them under pressure.

You stand there knowing that debt review could be the solution they are looking for but you feel weird to talk about finances. After all, as a nation, we don’t like to reveal that we are having troubles ourselves. We love to project an appearance of well being. That’s half the reason we all get into financial trouble: Spending money to look good and have the latest gadgets we don’t really need in order to impress other people.

So, you ask yourself:

Has debt review made my life better?

Have I benefitted from the process?

Should I share my dirty little debt review secret with others?

Think back to when you first started the debt review process? How stressed were you? How bad was it? Think how far you have come in just a short time. The process works and can help consumers become better equipped to handle their finances. Or does it? We discuss the aspect of consumer education while under debt review in this issue. We ask if your Debt Counsellor has been training you, equipping you for future financial success.

Have you actually learned anything while under debt review?

We also talk about 2017 as we look back at some stand out events locally and internationally. We can’t cover them all but we have chosen some events which have shaped the country and industry this year – Including the NCR’s annual conference, which we review.

‘we are happy that we are helping spread the news about debt review and how it can help people’

The truth is that debt review has helped more people this year than ever before. The number of new applications remains high and more and more consumers are able to get their clearance certificates saying they no longer have debt or are over-indebted. Debt review is helping hundreds of thousands of consumers to get out of debt or at least get a handle on their debt. 

With over 1 200 000 views during 2017 of our various issues of this magazine, we are happy that we are helping spread the news about debt review and how it can help people. If you are under debt review then why not recommend it to others? You probably don’t realize it but your friends are taking strain. They need help and you may hold the key to them taking back control. Don’t get swept up in the December holidays gift madness and ignore the big picture. Why not share the love this year and help others get debt free?


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