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Debtfree July 2017 – Editor’s Note

editor-noteLife in debt review is not one of luxury. It is one of covering the basics while shedding the extra weight of the debt we have accrued. In reality, it is actually moving onward and upward. Each month we have less debt and are one step closer to being debt free but it might not always feel that way. To get help many have had to consult experts and pay them for assistance. Pay more to get out of debt? Does that seem right? In this issue, we consider if debt review is worth it. Is it value for money? We look at the costs and ask: is it expensive or not?

‘is it expensive or not?’

We also look at the recent industry news and economy. Some big things are coming in August so, be sure to check out our “News Section”. We also have some tips for debt review success in our Debt Review School articles. We also have reviews and letters from readers and much more.

‘you ARE taking an important step towards a more successful life by dealing with your debt’

We hope you enjoy this issue as it informs you, motivates you and helps you see that you ARE taking an important step towards a more successful life by dealing with your debt. A step that leads you to better things. A step towards financial freedom and becoming debt free.



Debtfree Magaazine July 2017 coverThis article from the July 2017 issue of Debtfree Magazine

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