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Debtfree Magazine Cover – Issue #2 of 2021

Our cover this month speaks to the excitement surrounding the recent human (robotic) activity on Mars. Even as things back home on Earth are something of a mess the lure of the distant red planet can draw people’s imagination. What could lie ahead for humanity?

It is very exciting. There are lots of jokes going around about how good the cameras are on the Mars rover and how bad they are on local CCTV during crimes etc.

The cover also speaks to the disconnect between what people think will happen in debt review and what does actually happen. We will consider a few cautionary items that people sometimes get confused about and discuss how Debt Counsellors can help manage people’s expectations of the process.

The issue will be available soon. First for subscribers (who get an email invite to read the magazine) and then social media followers (who will see a link shared to read the magazine) and then right here on the website ( Everyone gets to enjoy the same issue and at the same amazing price: Free!


[Debtfree Team] We hope you enjoy the issue when it becomes available.