Debtfree Special Edition (Cover)

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Order Your Debtfree Special Print Edition Magazines

Once in a while, Debtfree and sponsors produce a Special Print Edition of the magazine. Debt Counsellors are able to order copies of the magazine to use in their offices with clients.

A Complete Guide To Debt Review

The coming issue is essentially a guide to the process through the years a consumer will be under debt review.

Most consumers start debt review with a 5 year plan (this makes the monthly debt repayments very manageable). Over time, as their situation improves, they can try to increase how much they pay as they adjust their expenses through wise shopping and habits. These days the majority of consumers stay in the process for 3 years. This issue of the Special Print Edition has space for consumers to track their monthly payments for over 5 years and special sections for the consumer to capture vital information such as: Who their Debt Counsellor is, their contact info, the details of their Attorneys, the PDA they will be using and more.

The issue is provided for free to Debt Counsellors to use with their clients (and free to their clients to). Free is our favourite price.

Want Some Copies?

If you would like to receive a box of magazines to use with your clients then NCR Registered Debt Counsellors can simply ask their PDA who will make arrangements to get them copies.



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