Discovery Open Vitality Benefits to All

Get Vitality Benefits As A Non Vitality Member

Discovery are busy with a big drive to try get people to try out their app and Vitality loyalty program. They have opened access to the app to the general public.


What Does That Mean?

This means that non members can get some interesting benefits (free stuff) for a short time by going to gym or taking enough daily steps or driving well.

You can play the built-in gameboard and possibly earn some reward points which you can then redeem for some rewards. One of the instant prizes is a R1000 grocery voucher.

If you install the app you can even try drive safely with no harsh breaking, no speeding and no sudden acceleration for 100km and get a reward. You can get one of those every week. Free Coffee anyone?

You can also stand a chance to win a holiday (flights), smoothies, movies, coffee, Apple watch and other goodies.

Why is it Suddenly Free?

Discovery wants to get as many people to try the app as possible and then see if they can later convert these casual users into regular Vitality subscribers. For now, though the benefits are free* so why not take a look?

*Remember that using the App uses your data if you are not on WIFI.

Google Play Store Link:

Apple Store Link:


You can head over to Discovery’s website for more info.


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