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Do you know your Debt Counsellor’s Name?

When a consumer approaches a debt counselling firm for help they may speak to a number of different people from the receptionist to the accounts department.

They may receive help from so many people all in a short period of time and be getting so much new information that they suffer from information overload.

In larger firms they may deal with multiple Debt Counsellor’s who are all working on their matter or at firms of any size they could occasionally deal with the Debt Counsellor’s assistants and this can simply be confusing.

With all these different people helping you one piece of information is vital: Who is your Debt Counselor? Make sure that you know this important fact.

Their NCR Register Number

Each Debt Counselor does an exam and is registered with the National Credit Regulator (just like credit providers are registered with the NCR as well). Each registered Debt Counselor has a special reference number that starts with the letters NCRDC…

Be sure that you know both your Debt Counsellor’s name and NCRDC number. After all this is the person who will have a massive influence on your financial situation for the next few years of your life.