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Consumer Friend Statements & Paid Up Letters

Consumer Friend LogoConsumer Friend is an outsourced company who help credit providers comply with the requirements and practicalities of the National Credit Act and debt review.

They have many large clients who have clients under debt review. Each day Debt Counsellors and their staff contact them to ask for various documents or to make proposals for consumer’s debt review. To help streamline and speed up the process for everyone involved, Consumer Friend make use of the clever Debt Review Exchange also known as DReX.

‘To help streamline and speed up the process… Consumer Friend make use of the clever Debt Review Exchange also known as DReX’

Becuase many credit providers struggle to get their existing systems to send clients the correct statements with all the correct information about their debt review and their court order, Debt Counsellors often have to fight with credit providers with outdated systems to correct their figures.

Many consumers get worried that their debt review is not working just because their credit providers can’t get their old computers to do what they should.

Fortunately for Debt Counsellors who deal with DReX, information can be drawn with the click of a few buttons without sitting on hold to a call centre for hours only to end up fighting and frustrated.

Though Consumer Friend does accept email requests and correspondence, they have asked all Debt Counsellors to start to make use of DReX to access:


Consumer Statements

Updated Balances

Paid up letters


Bye Bye Bulk Batches

Consumer Friend like to work on each individual clients matters one at a time (which used to cause some serious call centre shenanigans in the past, which have now been resolved) and have asked Debt Counsellors to not send bulk requests with giant spreadsheets through as this makes it hard for them to allocate the correct emails and documents to each affected clients case which can lead to delays.

Give Consumers Access To Accurate Information About Their Debts

Credit Providers who cannot or will not update their systems to inform consumers of the correct balances on their accounts are actually in breach of requirements of the National Credit Act. Incorrect communication with consumers causes a lot of damage to the process and emotionally harms their clients. Software solutions, like DReX, save both credit providers and Debt Counsellors huge amounts of time and money, allowing for faster, more accurate communication.


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