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Petrol Price Increases Again This December

The good news is that the end of the year is almost here and for many people that means at least a few days respite from their long work week. Recently it was revealed that South Africans have the longest work week (in terms of hours worked) in the entire world. That’s even more than in China and Korea. So, the coming break will be great for a lot of people.

One area where South Africans are not getting a break is in the rising cost of fuel. As the Rand has lost strength vs the Dollar so the cost of petrol has, predictably, crept up.

This month sees a 22 cents/litre increase in both 95 and 93 Petrol.

Diesel will be decreasing for a change by around 15 Cents.

Another significant contributing factor is how the Department of Energy has increased the margin included for the regulatory accounts system which has added 12 Cents (basically half the increase) to the hike.

Change the Way You Commute

If you are constantly being hit by increasing fuel costs and your transport bill is getting bigger and bigger every year then it might be time to adjust how you travel to and from work. Have you thought about how you might be able to save money on transport by switching to a Motorbike, e-Bike, bicycle or perhaps joining a car pool?