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Debt Counsellor Access on DReX Now Live

As of today (1 November 2017), Debt Counsellors who have already signed up on the Debt Review Exchange (DReX) will be able to pull information about clients directly from Consumer Friend.

This means no more waiting on the phone for updates and status info. No one enjoys listening to ‘elevator’ music for ages only to get disconnected or after dealing with one client’s matter only to be told to call in again for another consumer’s case. Arrgh! That is so frustrating. Rather a new age of almost instant gratification has begun in regard to all the credit provider accounts that Consumer Friend handle. These include:

  • Woolies
  • Truworths
  • TF Group
  • Sanlam (Loans)
  • RCS
  • JD Group
  • Capfin
  • Udu

‘a new age of almost instant gratification has begun’

Debt Counsellors will also be able to see which documents Consumer Friend has stored for each consumer (like 17.1s and 17.2s and proposals etc). Other functionality will follow as Consumer Friend make use of DReX to make things faster and easier for both themselves and the consumer’s Debt Counsellor. Debt Counsellors can also follow the recent email chain for each consumer, making it simple to figure out what information has been requested and to check on promises or requests made.

Need to quickly check up on which interest rate applies on a particular account. With a few clicks, you can have that info in front of you and be sure it is accurate.

Get The User Guide

If you have not yet registered on DReX and wonder how to do that then you can download the user guide which takes you through that fortunately fairly easy process.

Drex – User Guide (Debt Counsellors) November 2017

The User Guide also takes Debt Counsellors through the various steps needed to access consumer information and explains what info can be found under which tabs. Fortunately, the system is fairly straightforward focussing on ease of access over too many bells and whistles.


Sign Up For DReX here:

Consumer Friend LogoThough Consumer Friend are currently the main users of the DReX system, the designers hope to see other major credit providers begin to make use of the system in the future to help manage secure POPI complaint information exchange with Debt Counsellors. For many years Debt Counsellors have been asking for faster ways to access reliable accurate up to date info on client accounts. Much time is wasted requesting updated statements and following up on consumer status. Now this time can be slashed as Debt Counsellors will have direct access to the right info instantly.

Saving Time And Money

Debt review is a very time consuming process with several key timeline deadlines that have to be followed as per the National Credit Act. Sadly much of the time is spent just trying to correspond with the various parties and then waiting for replies and information. Enabling information sharing at this level is a huge step in the right direction¬†and it is hoped that larger credit providers follow suit and make use of platforms like DReX to speed up the process, thus enabling consumer’s matters to be resolved as speedily as possible.



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