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Debtfree Magazine – Editor’s Note

When lockdown level 2 was announced, which were you more excited about: the prospect of a cold beer or legally visiting family and friends?

It turns out that, though South Africa has one of the highest alcohol consumption rates (per capita) in the world, only around 35% of the South Africans are setting this (near world record) boozing rate.  So, presumably, this means that most people were more excited about going to visit a friend, in person.  But along with every IRL (in real life) visit, you run the risk of transmitting the virus, or contracting it from that friend and, infecting their family or yours! That does take some of the glow out of the reunion.

‘South Africa has one of the highest alcohol consumption rates (per capita) in the world’


Of course, many people have a secret confidence, that if they personally do get infected, they won’t become too sick. This mindset is not unusual in many areas of life. Many people feel special and exempt from harm, which is why hard times and setbacks can be a challenging mental obstacle for them to endure, ie. Those who drink and drive, or even just those who use credit.  Most consumers accept that they will always be able to repay their monthly debts, and never ever consider what will happen if they can’t.  Most new homeowners and people financing cars innocently sign agreements that say the bank can take their homes and cars if they miss a single payment at some point in the next few years or decades.

That is why this pandemic and lockdown are leaving many in a state of shellshock, unable to deal with the sudden outside force which has thrown their finances and financial plans into turmoil. Fortunately, debt review is there to help the many hundreds of thousands who were just scraping by, to deal with their debt.  With a new wave of consumers considering debt review, in this issue, we discuss the 2 major benefits of debt review and some crucial facts.  We also talk about the upcoming Debt Review Awards on September 11th.

Debt Review Awards Show

Our team are all very excited to be part of the Awards process again this year.  Due to COVID-19, the Awards announcements will be made online (on our YouTube Channel) this year. Our Team has expanded this year, and many of us are having to learn new skills, operate new equipment and practice, practice, practice to ensure the show runs smoothly. We appreciate all their hard work!

For those who will ‘attend’ the show, we are confident you will have a laugh, be informed and entertained and enjoy taking some time to be part of the action.  We look forward to hearing from our colleagues in other parts of Africa, and how their efforts at helping consumers deal with debt are going during the pandemic.

For those who are in the running to take the top spots, we wish you all the best and will soon feature the top 50 Debt Counsellors (Top 10 in each size category) on in the days ahead.

‘A realistic and balanced view …is always going to be more beneficial than just blindly hoping for the best’


A realistic and balanced view of the risk/reward in regard to all things including Covid-19, lockdown, credit use and debt review is always going to be more beneficial than just blindly hoping for the best. Many of us know somebody who got the virus and found it to just be a minor inconvenience, and also those who got the virus and sadly did not recover, we send you our condolences if your family has been affected.

Educating ourselves about the risks and benefits of our choices in the weeks ahead will guarantee we make the best choices for ourselves and our families.  Armed with that information (and maybe a cold beer) we will be able to cope with challenges that come our way on our journey to becoming debt free.



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