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So…it has been a few weeks now. Has 2021 solved all your problems yet?

The end of year break sadly did result in the expected spike in Covid-19 cases and deaths as the medical system came under incredible strain. Added restrictions were aimed at reducing the spread and slowly the effects of these measures are beginning to ease pressure but new mutations of the virus seem to be targeting younger and younger people. More teens and kids are now losing their lives.

The news has been full of stories about vaccines rollouts (and delays in rollouts) and, of course, all the goings-on with politics in the US. For those who recently lost their jobs you probably had at least a little sympathy for President Donald Trump. For those who recently began a new job, you probably feel a little sympathy for President Biden. Either way, we all had a laugh at the USA’s expense over the year end. What chaos.

For everyone who had a little break at the end of the year and were able to recharge a bit, going back to work in Januworry has probably been manageable. The kids are, however, all getting a bit restless as they try to figure out if and when they will actually be going back to school to see their friends.

In This Issue

In this issue, we discuss what it is like to be in debt review. Not for a month or two but overall, the total journey. We look at common highs and lows, the stresses and ultimately the relief of getting out of debt. Have a look and see which “phase” you are currently going through (and what might lie next).

‘In this issue, we discuss what it is like to be in debt review. Not for a month or two but overall, the total journey’

We also have tips, advice, exciting competitions and a deeper look at how some credit providers are working the system to try to make life difficult for consumers.

A Different January

Many people spend most of Januworry waiting for their paycheque, wondering who they will pay this month. Not so, for those who are in debt review.

These smart people have made the decision to sort out their debt rather than hope for some miraculous turnaround in the economy. For them, it is another usual month with manageable stresses like pandemics and global political upheaval. You know, ‘everyday’ stuff. For them, it is just another few weeks that brought them one step closer to being debt free.


This article first appeared in Debtfree Magazine issue 1 of 2021

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