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Our Editor’s Note

Almost every day we read stories online about someone who has been scammed out of a lot of money. Perhaps you have even been the victim of such a scam. It is horrible. Your hard earn cash disappears never to return.

I recall when our friends got scammed out of 2 tablets (the computer type) they were trying to sell so that they could get their daughter a computer needed for schoolwork. They got taken for a ride and their daughter was ultimately the one who suffered. It took a long time to get back on track.

The question is: Who can you trust these days?

And then: How much can you trust them?

You might trust one person to hold your space in a grocery shop queue but you might not trust them to hold on to your wallet while you duck back into the shop and grab an item or two. You may trust your colleague to do their work or not steal your lunch from the communal fridge but you may not trust them to babysit your kids for a weekend.

There are levels of trust and trust is something that needs to be earned. This issue we consider if you can trust your Debt Counsellor and if so how much?

The Debt Review Awards

Our team, who help out with organizing the Debt Review Awards, are all getting very excited as we are now only a month away from the Award Show. We want to thank everyone who is helping out and we look forward to seeing everyone online during the live stream. More about that in the update article in this issue.

In this issues we also have news, tips, advice, mini lessons about debt review and more. If you work in the industry and were not able to attend then you may be curious about what happened at the recent DCASA annual conference. If you don’t work in the industry you may wonder what do a bunch of Debt Counsellors talk about all day at a conference. Either way, you will be able to see some pics and get more info in our review article in the industry section of the mag.

‘Some would say having lots of debt is like falling for a scam’

Some would say having lots of debt is like falling for a scam. It stings and once you are in deep it is hard to see a way out. If you are dealing with your debt and taking positive steps to reduce your indebtedness then we are proud of you. That’s not easy to do these days. With the way prices keep going up and how salaries do not, things are hard. Still, it is even harder to enjoy your day when you know that large chunks of your hard earned income are going to be handed over to your credit providers at the end of the month. So, paying off your debts is one way to massively improve your life and free up funds for wealth building.

We hope that you enjoy this issue and hope to see you online on the afternoon of the 30th of September, on YouTube for the Awards. Until then, stay well and keep focused on getting debt free.




This article first appeared in Debtfree Magazine Issue 8 of 2022