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Editor's Note

It’s natural to get a little excited when you get close to “holiday time”.  

For some it will mean a real break from the humdrum of the day to day. It can be a chance to totally reset and recharge your batteries. Even if that only means you get a few days off it is still nice to have something to look forward to.

And end of the year relaxing can bring with it optimism for the coming year, both a chance to look back and reflect and look ahead and plan.

Do you have some goals or plans for 2024 brewing in your head?

Hopefully they are things that you can bring to fruition in the months ahead. But year after year people set themselves goals that they don’t always achieve. So, how can you turn your goals into reality?

We have a look at some ways you can take what’s in your head and turn it into reality in the months ahead. We look at things that can help you follow through on your plans next year.

‘We look at things that can help you follow through on your plans next year’

We also consider the dangers of a lack of follow through when it comes to debt review. Most people minimise the danger of dropping out of the process. This is something you do not want to do. We talk about why.

We also consider if saving money while in debt review is actually something realistic or even advisable.

December is one of those months where you can easily over spend. So, please be careful not to blow your budget and get into trouble. There are plenty ways to have fun and not break the bank. Just take a moment or two when making plans to consider what the costs really are. There are often cheaper alternatives that won’t leave you stressed out all of January (or “Januworry” as some people like to call it).

Our team also have big plans for 2024 and the following year. We look forward to implementing new ways to help our readers be more informed, get access to better savings and ultimately successfully get out of debt. For our Debt Counsellor readers, we look forward to helping you offer better service to their clients than ever before and helping make it easier than ever for them to stay in the process.

So, enjoy the issue, enjoy the days off, enjoy recharging your batteries and enjoy planning ahead. We hope that you have a nice break and don’t let your finances run away with you this holiday period. And if you can successfully manage that, then soon you will be debt free.