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Tracking progress and keeping score is a very human characteristic. We do it all day long.

We track our steps, our heart rates and our bank balance. Even our favorite sporting events have scoring.

Some people can even watch fancy electric cars drive round and round and keep track of who is in the lead, and over the entire season who the winner will be.

Of course, a positive (or increasing) score makes us happy (in most sports the one with the most points wins), a lower score not so much.

‘a positive score makes us happy … a lower score not so much’

This month, we delve into credit scores. This little set of numbers can drastically impact your ability to access credit at a good rate, and we discuss how entering debt review impacts on that score. It is both simple and complex, so check out the article if this is something that you worry about.

We also look at recent NCT rulings about debt review and how consumers must come to the party, and work along with the process or they will make it impossible to succeed in debt review.

Part of working with the process involves the legal side of debt review. It can be a little challenging for some people, and by making mistakes when it comes to a Confirmatory Affidavit you could make or break your debt review. We mention top tips for getting this done in record time, with no hiccups. Here is a quick tip: don’t use regular mail via the post office to send it back to your Debt Counsellor, if you want the papers to reach them before your debt review is actually over (even with governments’ most recent R2.5 Billion bailout).

Be a Winner

Paying off your debt is really one of the ways you can reset your life and finally move towards success. Instead of owing people your time and money, you can use that time and energy to increase your own points on the board.

If you are in debt review, then you don’t want to see big numbers when you look at your balances. This is one time in your life where you want to see smaller numbers.

‘This is one time in your life where you want to see smaller numbers’

So, stick to your monthly budget, keep paying each month, track of your progress and pretty soon you could win by getting those balances down to zero and finally becoming debt free.

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