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Editor's Note

I was recently fortunate enough to spend some time talking to a consumer who had just finished her debt review journey.

It is always great to hear how someone has successfully pushed through the pains of life and challenges of living on less. And, of course, to hear about their joy on the day they finally got that message that said: all your debt is paid up.

What I found revealing was that this incredibly resilient consumer said that the hardest part of debt review (which lasted a few years) for them, was the first 90 days.

It is not an uncommon sentiment, the change from a credit lifestyle to a cash lifestyle is like a crash diet. What seems fun for a few days slowly turns into withdrawal. The urge to just spend, and use your card to cover some new expense, is massive. It is credit detox and it is tough!

‘Many who start debt review cannot even go 60 days without using credit’

Many who start debt review cannot even go 60 days without using credit. They simply give up, and decide debt review is not for them, they can’t do it.  Even after all the collections calls have stopped, and they have all that weight off their shoulders, they still have this deep brain pain that says, they have made a terrible mistake in starting debt review.

It is somewhat like the bird whose cage is left open but it is scared to try freedom, and choses to stay inside. In this issue, we dive into this topic and discuss if starting debt review was a mistake?

Will it work for you?

Have you messed up, and should you go back to how things were?

Can you even do that now?

We also have tips and advice that will help you save bucks, keep your budget in check and help you make the most out of living on less. Added to that we have financial and economic news that it is worth you knowing about, as these things will impact on you in the near future.

So, we hope that you enjoy this issue, and it helps you put your mind at rest about the choices you have made, or help shape those you are currently contemplating.

If you ever do get to speak to people who have powered through the entire debt review process, few will ever tell you it was easy. This is because debt review is not easy… life is not easy. Many of us have had to take on a lot of debt just to get by, and while you are trying to sort out one problem in life the next soon arrives. That can leave you with a figurative mountain of debt sitting on your shoulders. It can weigh you down and leave you doubting that you could ever be free of it.

‘please know that it can be done, others have done it’

But, please know that it can be done, others have done it. If you are reading this then likely you have started a journey towards a brighter future. You can absolutely live your best life, you really can make a success of your finances and you can become totally debt free.