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Editor's Note

Time has the ability to both crawl or to fly by.

Sometimes we are aware of it (try doing the plank). Like when the December holidays come around and we wonder where the year went. Other times we are caught in the day to day of it all and time seems to drag. Or at least, we are so busy we don’t even get to think about it.

Parents are exposed to the effects of time more often as they have to go shopping for their kids as they grow. New shoes, new shirts, new…well, new everything. It never seems to stop.

They say as you age, you begin to put a day, a week, a month into perspective with your entire life to date. Which is why time may seem to move faster when we are young. But then the ticking clock that is aging can really stress you out too so, who knows?


Debt Review Time

With debt review time also has this elastic type of quality. When you first start the process, everything happens so quickly. One day you are stressed out by scary letters and the next you are talking about a court order to protect your assets. With debt review you have to learn new ways of doing things, new terms and jargon like PDAs and 17.2 letters. It can all fly by in a blur and then…then fortunately it all slows down.

But the day to day, month to month drudge of paying off your debt can be hard for some people to handle. Time can begin to crawl even though you are in fact making progress each month.

‘A similar thing happens with the Debt Review Awards’

A similar thing happens with the Debt Review Awards team. We are a mixture of paid staff and volunteers and everyone has their own things on the go. Each year once the Awards comes and goes, the new rounds of reviews start to go out and time seems to crawl. Slow and steady it goes for months. Then a random burst of activity and then…slow again. Until the last few months of the process roll around and time begins to fly. Arrangements get made for the Gala, the Audit team starts to chase us for certain things and suddenly  time flies. And before you know it…it’s almost here.

We have a look at all the arrangements in this issue so please check those out and whoever you are, please do join us on the YouTube live stream on the 20th October to watch all the action.

We also talk about what to do if you were recently affected by the storms and flooding. We have tips for consumers, tips for Debt Counsellors and credit providers, advice, updates, news and more. We hope you enjoy it all.

All we can say, is that if your debt review feels like it is flying by, don’t panic. It will calm down and things will find a new equilibrium in your life as you adjust.

“just keep swimming”

If, on the other hand, it feels you’re your debt review is crawling and your debts are taking forever to get paid up, “just keep swimming” (to quote a certain fish themed movie). Time is a funny old thing and before you know it you will be debt free.