Finwise Maintenance (Feb 2018)

Finwise Maintenance

Finwise is a debt review software system used by Debt Counsellors to assist consumers and interact with Payment Distribution Agency DC Partner.

Users are being notified that the system will be getting some maintenance on the 15th between 8pm and 9pm which might affect those working late. During this time the online system will be unavailable.

The National Credit Act requires Debt Counsellors to perform certain functions (such as notify credit providers with certain forms when a consumer asks for debt review help). Debt Counsellors make use of software to accomplish these tasks.

The Benefits of Specialized Software

In the past (around 10 years ago) some Debt Counsellors were forced to make their own systems or use programmes like Excel to perform very complex functions. These days there are specific programmes written with debt review and Debt Counsellors in mind which help speed up the process and allow Debt Counsellors to run a profitable practice. Making use of an established debt review practice which uses recognised software allows consumers to have confidence that their Debt Counsellor will be around to help them through the entire process which can take up to 5 years in some cases. Programmes like Finwise allow Debt Counselling firms to operate efficiently.



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