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Finwise Customer Portal

When under debt review it is vital for consumers to stay up to date with their debt payments and balances. Doing so helps consumers feel secure in the knowledge that their funds are going to the right place. Being able to progressively keep track of payments also helps consumers to focus on the end goal of paying off all their debt. This is why DC Partner and Finwise have made a new provision to make it easier than ever for clients to get access to their debt review payment information.


Collections Agents

One of the biggest challenges that face consumers near the start of the process is when collections agents call (on behalf of a bank or credit provider) and say things that are not accurate. Some may say these things because they do not have all the information while others may actually lie in an effort to earn commission from consumers. This is terrible since it can derail the entire debt review case and could even cost consumers their assets.

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Because debt review is a legal process and the matter goes to court it is unwise for consumers to not have their attorneys involved in such collections calls. It is also unwise to try to negotiate new payment options outside of the court without the knowledge of their attorney or their Debt Counsellor.

A common thing that people are told by collections agents is that payments are not being made. The consumer knows that they have paid the Payment Distribution Agent (PDA) and they know that the PDA is meant to pay their Debt Counsellor, their attorneys and their credit providers. But if someone tells them payments have not been made it can be hard to just trust that they actually have. Especially right at the start of the process while still building up a relationship with their Debt Counsellor. This can cause the consumer to make some bad decisions based on one-sided information. They might think that the Debt Counsellor is not doing their job or is maybe stealing the money somehow.

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Peace Of Mind

Now with the click of a button, a client who is making use of DC Partner PDA will be able to log in to the Finwise platform and have a look at their monthly statement, their balances, notifications and even legal documents.

DC Partner’s client Debt Counsellors will be able to send a link to the portal for their clients with a single click of a button when they are using Finwise themselves. The portal makes use of One Time Passwords that are sms’d to clients when they log in for added data protection.

Measures like this by the various Payment Distribution Agencies can help give consumers real peace of mind and help them track their progress through the debt review process. Added transparency also helps build trust between consumer and Debt Counsellor. It can also help develop good financial habits in the consumer for the future when the debt review ends.