FNB Acknowledge Response Delays

FNB Debt Review Centre Acknowledge Turn Around Delays

It has recently been a common thread among Debt Counsellors at various meetings to hear complaints in regard to FNB’s turn around and response time with regard to some rather basic debt review matters.

FNB has up until now seemed content with meeting their internal goals in this regard even though others were not. In a recent message to the industry, FNB has now said they are aware of the current delays and are making a big push to address the issues causing the problems. They hope to have things back to their former very good standard by Mid May 2019.

‘They hope to have things back to their former very good standard by Mid May 2019’

The fact that FNB are being so outspoken about these issues shows that they now have a good plan in place and are confident that it will work.

Why Speed Matters In Debt Review

Quick communication between Debt Counsellors and any single Credit Provider helps not only speed things along for the consumer’s arrangments with them directly but cuts down on time-consuming delays among all the consumer’s credit providers.

This means that you don’t have the situation where 9 out of 10 credit providers have already responded and agreed to adjusted repayment plans and one last credit provider still has not confirmed the balance on an account. This delays court applications and arranging payments by the consumer via their PDA etc.



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