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Brain Food

 “You are what you eat…”

That’s what they say. The idea being, that what you put into your body influences your wellbeing.

What about what you are putting into your mind?

Advertisers will pay large amounts of money just to put their stuff in front of you, for even a few seconds.

And if they are prepared to spend a lot of money to do that, then it makes you realise how powerful even a few seconds can be.

Advertisers want to just plant that seed, knowing it will be worth it down the line.

So, do you ever think about what you are mentally consuming?

What are you feeding your brain?

Garbage in...Garbage out

Social media feeds us dreams of fancy lifestyles that we can’t realistically afford.

Shopping catalogues and websites show us lots of nice things that we did not even know we wanted (yet).

Negative information can make us start to think negatively.

There is a lot of mental “Junk Food” out there.


So, think about what you are feeding your brain, and consider if you can be a bit more purposeful or more selective in feeding your brain decent content.