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Free Listing on Debt Review Awards Website

Having your contact details easily available for consumers to find when they are looking for debt review is a great help to many debt counselling businesses. Though many consumers need help they often do not know who is actually registered with the NCR and who is not.

Sadly, many debt “mediation” type scams exist and consumers can easily be taken advantage of by people offering a mock form of debt review that is unregistered, has no legal protection and unmonitored.

How Do You Find Reliable Help?

The NCR has a database of registrants which shows the company details and their status with the NCR.

You can also check the monthly online magazine Debtfree for service providers in your area.

There is a new online directory of candidates and participants on the website


The listings on the Debt Review Awards website are not paid for and are only of NCR registered companies. This means consumers who look for information on these firms can find companies who the NCR monitor regularly. 

‘There is a new online directory of candidates and participants on the website’

Debt Review Awards Debt Counsellor Listings

You can check out the listings HERE (and make sure your contact info is correct if you are a Debt Counsellor). Remember when talking to a Debt Counsellor on the phone you can always ask them to send you proof of their NCR registration via email. Debt Counsellors each are issued a certificate from the NCR showing they are registered. Some Debt Counsellors even display these certificates online, on their websites, for consumers to see.

Debt Review Awards Participants & Candidates Listings


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