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Industry Workshop

If you are a new Debt Counsellor or a Debt Counsellor with under 300 clients then you may be interested in this free online workshop on the 25th of April.

Making Sales

This week we will be talking to 3 experienced team leaders who oversee the “sales” part of onboarding new clients into debt review.

 From what not to say to what happens right after the clients signs up we will get first hand accounts of best practices.

The workshop lasts 30min and is held online over Zoom.


Sign Up - It's Free

The workshop is designed for Debt Counsellors but we will also have a few credit providers and others join us. Sharing this type of information can really help grow the industry overall and we are determined to provide a platform where everyone can contribute to the success of debt review.

There is no charge to attend.

If you would like to book your seat and get the Zoom code details please email: