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Words of Wisdom

Finding clients for your business (whatever that may be) is a vital part of any successful venture. A big part of advertising is to share your core message in as few words as possible so that it is not obscured or “buried” in the text. 

Also, you have to balance selling the consumer “the dream” – what they hope for – and what your services or product can deliver. So, not to over-sell and create unrealistic expectations but to make sure the consumer can clearly see the future benefits of using your product.

For example, debt review could be sold as a way to ‘save money’ on monthly debt payments. This is a common outcome of entering debt review – that consumers pay less. However, it takes the focus away from having a completely debt free future which is also something debt review can do (for those who want that). Entering debt review can also help reduce stress levels associated with managing debt. This could also be the focus of advertising.

‘One has to walk the line between promise and delivery’

It would, however, be unwise to promise someone who you have never met or looked over their figures that you will reduce their debt repayments by a set figure. If a Debt Counsellor promises that they can cut a prospective consumers debt repayments by 65% it can then disappoint them to later find out that it is actually the court who will make a ruling on the matter based on your recommendations and feedback from credit providers. One has to walk the line between promise and delivery. 

Here are some words of wisdom from one of the best in the advertising world ever:




image courtesy of Neville Medhora